Animal Rights Activists Demand Justice for Tikiri, Malnourished Elephant in Sri Lanka - Elephant

Animal Rights Activists Demand Justice for Tikiri, Malnourished Elephant in Sri Lanka


Animal Rights Activists across the globe are demanding justice for Tikiri, a malnourished elephant in Sri Lanka, whose distressing images went viral on the internet, making headlines. The members of Save the Elephants, a non-profit organization, are raising concerns over the welfare of captive elephants in Sri Lanka and urging the authorities to take immediate action to end the suffering of these majestic mammals.

Tikiri is a 70-year-old female elephant who has been in captivity for several years, used for cultural and religious events in the country. Earlier this year, Tikiri was tasked with carrying a decorated costume for the annual Perahera festival in Kandy, Sri Lanka. However, after the event was over, the poor elephant was left in a state of neglect, with visible signs of emaciation, indicating she was not receiving the care, food, and medical attention she needed.

Animal rights activists, who are shocked and outraged at the condition of Tikiri, have taken to social media platforms, calling for her immediate rescue and the release of other captive elephants. A petition launched on has garnered over 80,000 signatures, demanding the Sri Lankan government to act in the best interest of captive elephants, implement more robust animal welfare laws, and regulate the wildlife tourism trade.

According to experts, captive elephants are subjected to high levels of stress, suffer from malnutrition, behavioral issues, and chronic diseases. Evidence points out that these animals are often exploited for human entertainment and subjected to brutal treatment, such as being chained, poked, and prodded with sharp instruments.

It is time for us to acknowledge that these are sentient beings, capable of feeling emotions, exhibiting behavior, and communicating with one another, and should be accorded their inherent rights to a life free from abuse and exploitation. In Sri Lanka, the government has a moral obligation to ensure all elephants receive adequate care, and their well-being is assured.

The Save the Elephants organization is hopeful that the public outcry over the plight of Tikiri can serve as a catalyst for change in the way captive elephants are treated in Sri Lanka. By raising awareness and advocating for the welfare of these majestic creatures, we can build a world where elephants thrive, free from the shackles of captivity.

The truth is, the world has a responsibility to protect endangered species, and elephants play a vital role in their respective ecosystems. We, as humans, must recognize the value of these creatures before it’s too late, and take immediate steps to safeguard their future. Together, by advocating for animal rights and ensuring the welfare of captive elephants is upheld, we can continue to cultivate a world that respects and cherishes all forms of life.

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